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Step 319: No matter how much you love someone, your time together is limited. Make the most of it.



Today, I celebrate, and offer every bit of gratitude in me, for the life of my grandmother and favorite person, Barbara Jean Dowdell … AKA Grannybarb.

She was an intrepid girl reporter. She was a cocktail waitress on a steamboat on the Great Lakes. She was the first female editor of the Daily Iowan. She had the best stories, supplied by a life built on the understanding that there is no such thing as boredom, only lack of attention.

She was a great wit, a maker of the best gumbo imaginable, a shameless (and gifted!) flirt, a writer, painter, knitter, stained-glass maker and someone who saw the back of a business card as an ideal place for a tiny watercolor portrait.

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My favourite clothes are dresses and sweaters and jackets with boots. I always get so excited about autumn because I love layers and heavy clothing. Never really been much of a summer person, I love cool weather and also fall = Halloween ;)

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